Nowadays information grows rapidly and intelligent machines instantly produce more and more data. So it’s not a rare occasion to face large log or CSV files or structured text file with some kind of business data inside. This requires the user to be able to look inside and sometimes take a manual modification. Although there are plenty of text editors which cover different user’s needs and wishes, only few of them are really able to handle large files fluently. This editor was designed with all such needs in mind.

Features overview

  • Support large files and very long lines
  • Intelligent search function supports regular expression and speeds up repetitive search
  • Persistent Bookmarks allow fast navigation across file’s boundaries
  • Multiple synchronized views of a file in Tabs or dedicated window
  • Narrowed views
  • Workspaces allow fast restore of your working setup
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Column operations over whole file, regardless how long it is
  • Support of large text snippets in clipboard
  • Macros can be captured, edited or scripted directly
  • External tools
  • User defined highlighting
  • User defined key bindings


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